See the future first- before your competitors- with a keynote by an economic forecaster with over 96% accuracy: one of the country’s most informed economists, Alan Beaulieu. Alan speaks for companies who need a domestic and global perspective on how to forecast, plan, and increase their profits based on business cycle trend analysis.

Alan Beaulieu is co-author of “Make Your Move”, a book on how to increase profits through business cycle changes. Alan Beaulieu is also the President of the Institue for Trend Research and principal and Managing Partner of ITR Capital Partners and an active member of its Investment Committee. He is currently the Senior Economic Advisor to the National Association of Wholesaler Distributors (NAW) and the Chief Economist for the Heating, Airconditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) trade organization.

Alan Beaulieu provides economic information with practical application. What makes a presentation by Alan Beaulieu so unique is his firm's outstanding accuracy rate and unique position, with more than 60 years of calls throughout every major historic economic turning point, as well as his extensive understanding of business cycles and the ability to explain the implications to any audience.

Alan Beaulieu, fellow economist Brian Beaulieu, and trend analyst Jeff Dietrich consistently receive stellar reviews for their keynote presentations, and they've delivered  more than 275 keynotes a year to 15,000 executives. Entertaining, insightful and relevant, these passionate presentations always include audience-specific, action-oriented forecasts that impact the current and future business plans of attendees.

Alan Beaulieu, Economist, Trend Analyst & Keynote Speaker

Brian Beaulieu, who accurately predicted for Clermont County business leaders in spring 2008 the depth and length of the country's recent economic downturn returned to Ohio last week.

"Don't let this recession shape how you think about the future, because you will never see this again," Beaulieu told about 200 gathered for the Clermont Chamber's annual trade fair. "All of our long range research tells us we will not be going through this kind of recession again for 20 years."

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